This site is where I collect some functionality that doesn't have it's own domain, largely for use by myself and acquaintances. It's also a bit of a testing ground for changes before they're implemented elsewhere.

I should probably add some links to other pages here. One of these days...


Feel free to contact me! Chances are that you know me if you're here, but if not, here is some info...

You can send me email at [enable JS]2R,9i6uFA3eQOeL2w6cYE-.

If you just want to stalk me, there's always LinkedIn.

Address: Netherlands. It's not that big. If you can't find me, I might be in China at the moment. Just use email.

I also have a PGP public key (email [enable JS]2!Y+-anlW_rz7jXYu7l4BWFr., don't mail me there)