About this site

This site, markv.nl, is the online home of Mark Verleg.

The primary function is my blog. I'm not a very active blogger (I prefer writing code), but I try to share things about programming that I think might be useful for others. I also link to pages by others that I came across and thought were very interesting.

There is also the home page with links to some of my projects. Additionally, some subdomains are used for services I don't have own domains for.

About Mark

I studied physics and chemistry, building computation models. After graduating, I focussed completely on programming.

I still like high-performance computing and numerical applications, but currently apply that to finance. My favorite language is Rust, but I also like Java, which I use at work. I commonly use Python, SQL, Javascript, Git, Docker, and a bunch of other tools.

I am male and live in the Netherlands. I like visiting China, where my girlfriend was born.


You can reach me by email at [enable JS]2R,9i6uFA3eQOeL2w6cYE-.

You can find more about me at LinkedIn.

I also have a PGP public key (email [enable JS]2!Y+-anlW_rz7jXYu7l4BWFr., don't mail me there).


I enjoy contributing to open source, and sharing information about programming. If it helped you, that makes me happy!

Don't feel obligated to do anything. However, if you feel comfortable with something financial, there are two ways to show your appreciation:

  • Send some money on my behalf to those who need it most. I recommend one of GiveWell's top charities, as they are proven to use your money effectively.
  • Send a contribution directly to me using PayPal, or sponsor me on Github. It will help me have the financial freedom to keep sharing code and information.