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Analyzing a single, trivial Java statement

Java isn't a bad language, but it is also not great, and it's age shows. Let's look at this simple Java statement: if (!Boolean.TRUE.equals(getIsRequired())) { It's very simple and common, and yet it includes a lot of the things I don't particularly like about Java: We need a getter for a trivial property access. I like the Python way with @property, or the Kotlin way with getters and setters being called implicitly. It is not explicit that getIsRequired is a... full post»

Development vs conflict

It's hard to have any appreciation of how big or small numbers are. Wolfram | Alpha helps sometimes, if you look things up. But it doesn't work for money numbers, so other times you conveniently find two numbers on the same site to compare: Global cost of conflict reaches $14.3tn, says report Foreign aid close to record peak after donors spend $135bn in 2014 To make it a little easier to compare, I'll write the zeros, and add another big... full post»