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Performance in debug mode (Java/IntelliJ)

I'd like to highlight two steps to avoid performance issues when using breakpoints. Method/field breakpoints Is your application noticeably slower in debug mode, even when not in a break point? Did this problem start suddenly? Do computation-heavy tasks take especially long (like password hashing)? Then you may have some breakpoints that cost a lot of performance (why?). Breakpoints on lines of code are fast Breakpoints or fields and methods are slow (Breakpoints on declarations/comments don't work) In my experience, over... full post»

Example log4j2.xml (development)

For local development, I like to change some things in my log4j2 configuration. Make lines shorter, e.g. no worker names (just pid) or dates (just times). Prevent all logging to files, just console. Use colors for errors and warnings so they stand out. Filter out specific types of messages, and keep only specific other ones at debug level. Use buffering and async for better performance. So here it is! <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> <Configuration monitorInterval="30"> <Appenders> <Console name="Console" target="SYSTEM_OUT" bufferSize="100">... full post»

Clean build with IntelliJ and maven

Clean build - 70% of the time, it solves the problem every time. We'd like to understand every problem before solving, but sometimes it's just easier start with a clean slate and see if that works. So if you're using IntelliJ and maven, here is how to do that. Make sure you have no suspicious changes in your workspace. If you want to be really through, you can delete this directory, in order to make maven get all dependencies anew... full post»

Some JetBrains IDE tips

Although they're expensive I really like the JetBrains IDEs. I use IntelliJ IDEA almost every day, and PyCharm and CLion quite frequently. Here are a few features I like! Multi-caret (info) to change multiple pieces of text simultaneously. You can place carets with a hotkey, but I especially like doing a search and putting a caret at each match. Much more flexible than search/replace. String manipulator: this plugin adds a lot of text manipulation on selected text under the hotkey... full post»