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Some reasons I do not like javascript

It is no secret that Javascript isn't the most well-designed language, and these points have probably been made a billion times, but now it's my turn! Note that this isn't a criticism about a lack of expressiveness. You can create great things with javascript. But you can also footgun yourself very easily, which is what I'm criticizing there. Most languages are expressive, but good ones help you avoid mistakes instead of making them. You can pass more or fewer arguments... full post»

Rainbow colormap in javascript

Simple one one this time! How to make an RGB rainbow colormap in javascript? Example: This is useful, for example, when plotting charts with something like chart.js. This is the code for it. The first part is converting hsl colors to rgb ones, which you might skip depending on which browsers you want to support. The second part generates a rainbow by simply rotating the hue of a hsl color. The other parameters are optional: you can make the colormap... full post»

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