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Clementine music player

There is a lot of software to play music. I'm nowhere close to trying all of it, so take this recommendation with a grain of salt. I'm recommending Clementine anyway, since after finding it, I didn't feel the need to try other software after. The main reason I like Clementine is just that it does almost all the basic functionality very well. Things like Searching your music collection or a specific playlist Creating playlists from directories, searching results, etc Editing... full post»

Concentration noise

As a little addition to the concentration music post, I'd like to mention the situation where there are people talking around you and you can't help listening to what they say and it's very distracting. Instead of turning up your music really, really loud and ruining your ears, I find that you can tune out individual voices by simply adding more. This is well outside the realm of "music", but it can be useful. I put it on Youtube several... full post»

Concentration music: musopen

Does music help you focus? It depends on the person, the task and the music. Some people work well with the TV on, but I am not among them. I find that music where I listen to the lyrics distracts me, but other music can help me focus on boring tasks. Which should be understood as "helps my concentration to be marginally less terrible" for those things. For interesting tasks I don't need music. Music for which I don't listen... full post»

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