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Show recently changed branches (git)

To show your recent branches using git: git for-each-ref --count=10 --sort=-committerdate refs/heads/ --format='%(HEAD) %(objectname:short) %(color:green)%(refname:short)%(color:reset) - %(contents:subject) (%(committerdate:relative))' Example output: * 14d5da9 parsing3 - Update version and readme (4 weeks ago) ae05513 dev - Version 0.4.0 (4 weeks ago) 6c695f0 parsing1 - Improve underscore handling in ints (4 weeks ago) 47fece2 parsing2 - Some progress, but pest output is not close enough to AST (5 weeks ago) 6c5aba2 webui-abandoned - No JIT for now (5 weeks ago) 7c60c75 site-url -... full post»