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Some JetBrains IDE tips

Although they're expensive I really like the JetBrains IDEs. I use IntelliJ IDEA almost every day, and PyCharm and CLion quite frequently. Here are a few features I like! Multi-caret (info) to change multiple pieces of text simultaneously. You can place carets with a hotkey, but I especially like doing a search and putting a caret at each match. Much more flexible than search/replace. String manipulator: this plugin adds a lot of text manipulation on selected text under the hotkey... full post»

Android apps I like (2017)

Sometimes I want to get something done on Android, and it takes an hour trying apps to find the perfect one. Other times, I just don't know I want something until I read about an app or someone tells me. To possibly save you some time, here are some apps I think are useful! Pocket This app is great. It lets me store articles for reading later. I often find something interesting to read, and then that article has a... full post»

The blog!

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  1. Android apps I like (2017) @Mark I've found and even better app for Chinese reading pract...