Android apps I like (2017)

Sometimes I want to get something done on Android, and it takes an hour trying apps to find the perfect one. Other times, I just don't know I want something until I read about an app or someone tells me. To possibly save you some time, here are some apps I think are useful!

  • Pocket This app is great. It lets me store articles for reading later. I often find something interesting to read, and then that article has a dozen links to other articles, and I'd end up with 100 browser tabs open. Now, I just save everything to Pocket and read it when I actually have time. As a huge bonus, the articles are available offline, and they're (usually) reduced to pure text without full-webpage-styling. I don't like that it suggets things to read as it's just distracting, but maybe you do. Even though I like the app, I find the premium version too expensive (45€/yr).
  • Remember The Milk as a todo/shopping/ideas list. Can keep multiple lists, priorities, reminders etc. I also use the web version, with which is synchronizes.
  • Productivity Challenge Timer if you want to work according to the Pomodoro technique. The app is funny and has just the right amount of options (I like that there is no pause button).
  • Amaze file manager, because ES is way too bloated.
  • BlackPlayer EX music player. A nice music player. Make sure to export playlists as they sometimes disappear; except for that it has always worked well.
  • Clementine remote, if you use Clementine music player on your PC, you can use this app to remote control it. Pretty cool and works well.
  • FTP server pro, for the technically inclined, is a way to transfer files between your phone and the computer over wifi. I installed it when I didn't have a working cable, but kept it because it's just the most convenient way to transfer files.
  • JuiceSSH great little SSH client. I don't like phone keyboards enough to do any real work from my phone, but for some quick tasks (updating, printing, restarting, checking a file), it's great.
  • G Cloud Backup as a backup app. While not perfect, it's simple and prevented me from losing files twice already.
  • Photo/video locker and private notepad if you're overly concerned about privacy. It won't stop a determined thief (locker has an 8-digit passcode which takes 1s with good hardware), but it works against friends scrolling through your photos.
  • St John Ambulance of course studying first aid would be better, but since I didn't do that yet, this app lists what to do for various medical emergencies, just in case. Haven't needed it yet fortunately.
  • ExpressVPN is an expensive but good VPN, if you travel to countries where VPN is needed. It's pricy, but having working internet is important to me, and I've had trouble with several free alternatives.
  • Pleco and Decipher for studying Chinese. Pleco is especially great (after buying some of the extensions), I use the dictionary and the flashcards a lot and other features occasionally. Decipher is nice for reading practise, although expensive.


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I've found and even better app for Chinese reading practise: Du Chinese! (Du 读 means 'read' in Chinese).

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