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There is a lot of software to play music. I'm nowhere close to trying all of it, so take this recommendation with a grain of salt. I'm recommending Clementine anyway, since after finding it, I didn't feel the need to try other software after.

The main reason I like Clementine is just that it does almost all the basic functionality very well. Things like

  • Searching your music collection or a specific playlist
  • Creating playlists from directories, searching results, etc
  • Editing track information or (dis)liking a song
  • Queuing some songs to play after the current one, then returning to the playlist
  • Shuffling, setting repeat modes, removing duplicates, tuning equalizer, desktop notifications when a song starts

...are all very easy and convenient! There are some extra features that make it better:

  • You can link it to Spotify if you have a paid Spotify account (which I cancelled, so I haven't tried, but it seems nice). It works for a lot of other services too.
  • There is a mood bar which shows colours depending on the music, making it easier to e.g. find the refrain of a song. (It's the bottom right in the image - Sly was in hindsight not a good example song).
  • You can install the app on your phone, which allows you to control the music without going to your computer. [Apparently you can do the same from the command line!]
  • Using the same app, you can download songs to your phone by playlist (I love this).
  • It finds lyrics and other information about songs online automatically.
  • It can download tags and cover art (from and MusicBrainz).
  • It can convert file formats (ctrl+shift+T), e.g. from .wav to .mp3.
  • There is a "rain" button, that generated rain sound. Why, you ask? I was hoping you could tell me...
  • It's open source.

It's available for Windows, Unix and Mac [ubuntu: apt-get install clementine]. Give it a try!

Want some free, legal classical music to add to Clementine? I wrote about Musopen_ a while ago!


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