I've started a draft about PyCharm 5 months ago. I really love PyCharm, it's the best! Everything is just so smooth. But it's hard to summarize what makes it great, and I don't want to list all the little details. I used Eclipse before, which wasn't bad, and there's not really any giant thing in PyCharm that Eclipse lacked (stability maybe). Rather, it's the hundred little details that add up to a much better experience. I also used Wing for a little while, but not enough to give an informed opinion. Sometimes I use vim for small scripts.


  • Everything is very smooth and stable. I've used it a lot and I've only encountered a few small issues. Support was good in the rare cases I needed it.
  • Almost everything is customizable (tons of settings, themes, hotkeys with presets for common programs; you can even completely set the editor to vim mode if that's your fetish).
  • A lot of things are included (as you might expect) like package management, running and debugging code, version control, terminal, database viewer, todo's, refactoring, remote ssh stuff...
  • There are similar IDEs by the same creators for other popular languages, so like vim or Eclipse, you can keep using almost the same IDE.


  • It costs money if you're not a student and want the full features. There's also a free version which is still pretty good. If you use it regularly, it's totally worth the money though.
  • Issue integration with Github could be better. It exists, but I don't use it, just using a browser is easier (last tested half a year ago).
  • Starts a little slow (~15s). But I rarely close it.

As you can see, I'm struggling to find some disadvantages. It almost sounds like I'm getting paid for this (which I am not; I think you need readers for that kind of stuff).

I found PyCharm while looking for Fortran IDEs. It doesn't have a Fortran plugin unfortunately (does have free plugins for bash, gitignore, html etc highlighting), but for Python it really is a pleasure to use.


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